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Adult education for rural dwellers.

Group Founder: kporvu
Description: House of perspectives(HoPe) is a registered non-governmental organization set up on 14th February, 2018 under the laws of Ghana, West Africa, to reduce the low level of literacy in agricultural and rural population, and also to improve upon sanitation of rural areas. Not forgetting children in their early stages of reading, writing and performing basic arithmetic calculations. HoPe came into existence through the observation of problems such as ill treatment of children unknowingly by their parents, inability of adults to read and write, open defecation, child labour, uncivilized attitudes among others posed by illiteracy in rural communities. HoPe is determined to solve the problems and challenges through effective management of scarce resources. The main goal is to reduce drastically the high rate of illiteracy in rural areas. if reduced, it would change the environment for children by making it conducive for learning both in schools and homes. This could also lead to creation of job opportunity for adults. The mission statement of HoPe is to reduce the low level of literacy in rural areas through accessible non-formal education of adults, children and agricultural population.The vision statement is zero illiteracy rate in rural areas.The objectives of HoPe are as follows;1. to erase the inability of adults and children to read and write (literacy) and perform basic arithmetic calculations (numeracy) in rural community.2. to reduce sanitation problems by disposing plastic waste properly and halting open defecation in rural communities.3. to create job opportunities for adults through vocational training such as dressmaking, catering, bead making among others.4. to sensitize adults and children on contemporary issues so as to reduce teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, domestic violence among others.All and sundry are invited to this work at hard to help in one way or the other build up a better rural communities for adults and children.
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Sharing of experiences based on adult literacy. Your views are welcomed.

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